Westeng Garage Winter Newletter 2017

“And can it be?” says the hymn in which seems to sum up the lightning passage of this year. Even my grandchildren tell me that time passes far too quickly – perhaps it’s because we do so much and have so many pursuits and are blessed to be able to do it.

Summer Newsletter 2017

How much luck can a firm expect? After our 80th Celebration and completion of several projects one wonders whether the future holds any fun and where the work will come from?

Winter Newsletter 2016

A Huge Big Thankyou to all who have used us during this past year...

Summer Newsletter 2016

The usual spring A to Z truck run in April meant all motors out and wandering thro’ Somerset, Wiltshire, beautiful countryside & villages, after 90 miles successfully back to base...

Winter Newsletter 2015

Well you all seem to think I do nothing but play around all day- the truth is you work extra hard to fit everything in!

Summer Newsletter 2015

I promised you a nautical flavour last time and by the time you have caught up you might well wonder if we are running a garage or a marina!

Winter Newsletter 2014

How can it be another Christmas and year passed? All those plans and aspirations never quitematerialize and yet how lucky are we?

Summer Newsletter 2014

“The only way to travel”, says son to his father. So here we are on a steam excursion to Stratford upon Avon, enjoying silver service for dinner on Premier Dining. No mamby pamby eight car Intercity or four car Virgin outfit. Twelve loaded coaches rattling at a good speed with smoke billowing across the fields brings the romance back to travel...

Winter Newsletter 2013

As father used to say "The older you get the quicker the time flies"- I am blowed if he wasn't right.

Summer Newsletter 2013

4.45am What on earth is going on? No wonder I can't sleep a fearful quacking only to find Mummy Duck on the pond with one chick (she had 9 last year) madly going around in ever decreasing circles (do you know that feeling?)...

Winter Newsletter 2012

The Specialist reported a shortage of vitamin 'D' - me short of 'D'! This lads always outside, (well as much as possible), but took the expert at his word and decided to give the intermible grey a miss and head for the sun before rickets sets in!

Summer Newsletter 2012 - Jubilee

I don't know if the Chinese proverb "May you live in interesting times" is a blessing or a curse...